To engage in a permanent way towards full customer satisfaction ...

EURO-P3C commits, through its Quality policy, to take into account, the satisfaction and the listening of its Customers.
Our Quality system has set-up process in accordance with the ISO 9001 Version 2000 reference frame.

Quality at EURO-P3C, impossible to circumvent and omnipresent

    To ensure and improve satisfaction of our customers
    To imply in an active way the staff
    To conform to the legal and lawful requirements of our operations
    To harmonize the applications between each center
    To ensure safety, the integrity and the confidentiality of the products entrusted by our customers

Control with each phase of production

    By our machines
    By direct debit for our operators
    With adapted tools

Support of the computer systems of production

    Control permanent list of the phases
    Bond of the quantities to control
    Traced and signed exemption, only by the manager

A quality system

    Complete information service according to requirement ISO9001
    Measure of the efficiency of the system by the installation of guides
    Analyzes products of the quality system at the time of the follow-up of management

This policy applies to all the sites and operations of EURO-P3C. More than 10 annual audits per site, our auditors are multiple :

- Internal control with the Group
- Banking certification with the GIE Cartes Bancaires, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, ...
- Certification towards other actors such LSTI 5006, K11-112, FSC, ...