Confidence in a secured production

Our safety measures, controllable by our Customers are in conformity with the bonds of the CRBF 97-02, with the PCI-CP logical and physical security requirements (Visa, MasterCard, ...) and with all other security requirements requested by our customers (LSTI 5006, K11-112, GIE CB, Amex, ...).

Our production centres are interconnected and homogeneous in terms of tools, processing, production standards and qualifications.

The security at EURO-P3C, impossible to circumvent and vital

The personlization of smartcards containing sensitive data of the Customers, requires from the supplier a reliable security system.

For this purpose, our security system covers the objectives of interbanking community and of our Customers related to security risks on employees, raw materials, finished products and data, and in particular :

  • Protection of the sensibles raw materials
  • Protection of the smartcards, during the production process, semi-finished or finished against any physical, confidentiality or integrity hacking
  • Protection of the data
  • Protection against the physical attacks (employees and properties)
  • 2 distincts High Security Areas on each site (cards / checks and Pin)
  • one-person SAS
  • more than 100 vidéo cameras on each site
  • presence detectors
  • Dual presence compulsory on all production rooms
  • Highly secured walts for all sensible means
  • 7 days 24 hours sites protection

Organisational Measures

  • The SECURITY Group of EURO-P3C, composed of Operational Director, Technical Director, Security manager and Security Officers, is in charge of the application of the Security policy.

  • This Group, completed with the card workshop manager and the Security procedures manager, is the steering committee which propose, writes and check application of the security procedures.

  • The operational follow-up of Security (like the access rights management, audits an log checking, ...) is in charge of the security officers of the site.


  • The security management system is declined in a documentary structure.
  • A library of the security instructions and procedures is available on the workshops.