Confidence in a protected creation

Our safety measures, controllable by our Customers are in conformity with the bonds of the CRBF 97-02, with the safety requirements physics and logic inherent in our business (PCI-CP for Visa and MasterCard, LSTI 5006, K11-112, GIE CB, Amex, ...).

Our production centres are interconnected and homogeneous in languages of helps, processing, production standards and qualifications.

The security at chez EURO-P3C, impossible to circumvent and vital

The personlization of structure of smart cards containing of the parts of Customers require on behalf of a supplier a reliable security system.

In this spirit, we set up a security system answering the objectives which aim at the interbank community and our Customers against the risks relating to the security of the employees, the results, the matters and the data and in particular :

  • Protection of the raw materials sensibles
  • Protection of the helps in the course of creation, semi-finished or finished against any ressource of diversion or falsification
  • Protection of the informations
  • Protection against the physical attacks (employees and properties)
  • 2 areas of high security distinct on each site (cards / checks and Pin)
  • SAS unipersonnels
  • From 100 vidéo cameras on each site
  • Détecteurs of présence
  • Présence into dual obligatoire
  • Coffres highly protected for the protected matters sensibles
  • Sites protected 7j/7, 24h/24

Measurements of organisation

  • The Group SECURITY of EURO-P3C, composed of management, the Responsible Security and the Officers of security, is ensured by various measurements of the application of the area of Security.

  • This Group supplemented of the Responsible workshop card and the manager of the processing of Security train the steering committee which has as a control the project, the report and the implementation of processing of security.

  • The operational follow-up of Security (like the access rights, audits or filings of booking ...) is with the control of the Officers of Security of the site.


  • The system of security management is declined in the files which train documentary structure.
  • A library of the security specifications is available on the workshops.